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A Memory of the Future, Indeed

Strictly speaking, music isn’t in time, time is in music. Yet we treat our time extremely unmusically. A city knows nothing of separations - the people in it are too close to be close to one another… If we don’t unwedge our cramped everyday life with separations, if we own’t convert our collectives from a close order to an extended one - we may perish.

Sigizmund Krzhizhanovsky, “Someone Else’s Theme,” (from Memories of the Future).

…and my dissertation has an epigram. What’s more - here things get rather surreal - the title of this collection (and one of his stories) is the same as the title I gave my Tumblr more than a year ago. I won’t even get into the intradiegetic trippiness going on, this rabbit hole appears to be bottomless.

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